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We face a myriad of problems that our current state government has yet to solve.  I bring new leadership and new ideas and solutions to make our state and our community a better place to live and work.

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PROBLEM: Unemployment is over 10% nationally, and it’s doubled in Southern Maryland during the last 12 months. People don’t want handouts or bailouts; they want a job and a paycheck.

SOLUTION: Ignite Small Business Jobs

ISSUE: Businesses are scared to hire now, even as they feel more demand.

  • ACTION: Establish a Small Business Bonus – Create a full time job and get a $1000 tax credit.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: There are more than 1,000 businesses in Southern Maryland; hundreds will each hire a few; even the smallest may hire 1 or 2, now!

ISSUE: It’s too hard to start a business: even the State web site says, “Get a lawyer and accountant.”

  • ACTION: Launch the Maryland Small Business Express – Accelerate new business creation with a goal of less than 48 hours from start to permit.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Entrepreneurs who know where Opportunity lies will chase their dream and create jobs, now!

ISSUE: Tomorrow’s businesses have the potential to be created by our children on their smart phones.

  • ACTION: Create 21st Century entrepreneurs – teach our children how to run their new business

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Make Business Basics essential education: finance, law, regulations, and employment.

SOLUTION: Give Maryland a Competitive Edge

ISSUE: Business needs job incentives - new businesses, existing businesses and relocating businesses.

  • ACTION: Give existing businesses that create jobs a $1000 tax credit for each full time job created.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Existing businesses will hire those extra full timers they’ve been holding out for.

  • ACTION: Reduce Business Tax to 2% for 2 years for new businesses.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Reduce the start-up burden during the hardest time in the worst economy

  • ACTION: Cut Business Tax in half for 2 years for businesses that relocate to Maryland.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Businesses will move across the 301 bridge from Dahlgren to Indian Head.

  • ACTION: Oppose Federal “Card Check” legislation

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Keep the federal government in its lane; maintain Maryland’s sovereignty enshrined in the US Constitution’s 10th Amendment and Articles 3 & 4 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights.

ISSUE: Government productivity is a contradiction in terms

  • ACTION: Limit regulation to give people the greatest freedom to pursue happiness as the Framers intended.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: One example: Keep Annapolis from arbitrarily forcing us to replace our septic systems.

  • ACTION: Demand metrics and accountability for every state program before it’s approved.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Track progress and accomplishments online. If it doesn’t meet its goals, the program is cancelled and funding returned.

  • ACTION: Balance approaches to home, small and industrial businesses.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: A family farm isn’t the same as an industrial site with regard to fertilizers and fines.

SOLUTION: Pay attention to critical markets

ISSUE: Agriculture is dwindling and entry costs are escalating.

  • ACTION: Repeal the Death Tax that breaks up family farms and businesses.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Keep farms affordable, retains our rural heritage.

ISSUE: Watermen are the second leg of our heritage.

  • ACTION: Help implement a new business model for aquaculture.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Keep watermen in business; grow the business and Save the Bay.

ISSUE: Construction is at a near-standstill while home values are down and credit is scarce.

  • ACTION: Create jobs that in turn ignite demand for groceries, homes, cars, restaurants, etc.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Every home built and sold spurs demand for further development.

ISSUE: Personal and business tourism isn’t fully tapped.

  • ACTION: Build more conference facilities to satisfy the growing appetite for convention spaces, and start an effective marketing campaign – now!

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Big businesses in DC have off-sites, and they need hotels, restaurants, fishing trips…

ISSUE: The fastest growing segment in aviation is Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’S), and St. Inigoes is the center of gravity.

  • ACTION: Preserve airspace for safe unmanned aircraft operations.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: New programs = new jobs.

  • ACTION: Limit home development around St. Inigoes to preclude encroachment.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Jobs with HUBZone businesses that hire St. Inigoes residents in high tech jobs.

  • ACTION: Bring the Navy Alliance, Patuxent Partnership and others to Annapolis to testify on this.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Protecting St. Inigoes as the UAV Capital will keep Southern Maryland poised for the next wave of aviation, both military and civil.

Jobs | Community | Taxes and Spending


PROBLEM: Hasty growth strained our roads, bridges, police and schools.

SOLUTION: Fix Transportation

ISSUE: Our roads and bridges are over-taxed with a community 3 times as big as when the Thomas Johnson Bridge was built.

  • ACTION: Get State funding for County Transportation Plans.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Ease congestion and anticipate the needs – don’t just react to them.

  • ACTION: Finish studying and start building a second span.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Invest in Southern Maryland for another Generation of Growth.

SOLUTION: Return Public Safety to Top Priority

ISSUE: When the State's budget gets tight, the Governor’s office cuts public safety.

  • ACTION: Return public safety to the first priority.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: When our homes are safe, we can flourish.

SOLUTION: Enhance Education

ISSUE: We don't have enough qualified Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) instructors.

  • ACTION: Make an honorable profession more attractive: qualify STEM professionals as STEM teachers.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: More qualified teachers = smaller classrooms for our children.

ISSUE: Local parents don’t have enough choices in education: we need more than 1 charter school.

  • ACTION: Let parents and educators in local schools embed Contract Schools and tailor their curriculum to local sensibilities.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Gives parents a choice and empowers educators.

  • ACTION: Enable parents and educators to use Virtual (Online) Schools for highly specialized education.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: The most gifted and the special needs children, such as Elementary and Middle School Math students in Special Education, will benefit where our schools are currently failing them.

  • ACTION: Give parents the opportunity to move their children to schools more suited to them.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Creating competition within the school district can be cost-free, will empower educators, and will get parents engaged.

ISSUE: College tuition is unaffordable, even with state subsidies and ‘frozen’ tuition.

  • ACTION: Guarantee STEM Scholarships for the top 5% of our graduating seniors in the Maryland University system and the top 10% to our community colleges.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: 2,500 seniors will know that 250 of them have a full ride, and they will work for it.

ISSUE: The state is subsidizing $40,000/student each year, in addition to tuition.

  • ACTION: Reduce the total cost per student of Maryland universities, like businesses do.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Reduced costs = less need for public subsidies: a step closer to balancing the budget again.

Jobs | Community | Taxes and Spending


PROBLEM: Taxes and Spending are out of control, during a horrible recession. Deals are being cut in back rooms overnight without consulting Maryland voters.

SOLUTION: Rollback Job-Killing tax hikes from O’Malley

ISSUE: O’Malley raised income taxes, business taxes, sales taxes, recordation and transfer taxes, vehicle titling taxes, and the tobacco tax – 47 times.

  • ACTION: Rollback the job-killing taxes immediately!

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Reduces the price of goods, reduces the cost of doing business, increases the money in our wallets, and ignites the economy.

SOLUTION: Return to Lower Spending Levels

ISSUE: We’ve got a $billion deficit; while they raised taxes to ‘fix’ it, they raised spending to match it.

  • ACTION: Return to 2012 spending levels: we can immediately get back in the black, and start making tough choices like a family on a budget.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: By using previously accepted budget levels we can avoid the acrimony of pointless partisan infighting and stop begging Washington for another bailout (that we ultimately pay for in federal taxes).

SOLUTION: Make Government Accountable

ISSUE: Annapolis intentionally makes the legislative record inscrutable, so we can’t hold them accountable for their action (or inaction), in committee and on the floor.

  • ACTION: Create a Maryland Legislative Website like that allows voters to easily see what each legislator is doing (or not doing), what bills they’re writing (or not writing), and how they’re voting (or not voting) on the floor and in committee.

  • LOCAL IMPACT: Career politicians won’t be able to hide what they do (or don’t do) – we’ll see it for ourselves, 24/7.

Jobs | Community | Taxes and Spending



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